Returning to the Salton Sea

In one short week I will be back on the Salton Sea to continue creating work for Bombay Beach, and I am so excited for my portrait shoot with Fred Garbutt, founder of the International Banana Museum in Mecca, California at the Northeastern tip of the lake. Here is a fabulous Cool Hunting video about his passion for bananas.

Holiday Print Set with Rafael Soldi

Looking for an artful holiday gift?

Rafael Soldi & I are offering a limited edition set of two 11x14" Archival Pigment Prints, including one by each artist in an edition of 25. All fine art prints are signed and editioned originals printed on museum quality paper, and are carefully packed and shipped straight to you. All proceeds from print sales directly support our artistic practices. This set is available for $125.

Interested? Email me at
Limited Edition Prints by Rafael Soldi & Virginia Wilcox

Limited Edition Prints by Rafael Soldi & Virginia Wilcox

Small Voids, A Todd Jaunnausch Public Art Installation

I am excited to have work in Small Voids, an outdoor art exhibition of mini galleries containing the work of 100 local artists. This is the latest of Todd Jaunnausch's projects, which have included Gallery 206, a stainless steel gallery on wheels, and Gallery 40, a repurposed city phone booth including the work of 206 local artists in its phone book.

A piece from Mobile in Gallery 206, which is currently installed in Capitol Hill's Ghost Gallery.

A piece from Mobile in Gallery 206, which is currently installed in Capitol Hill's Ghost Gallery.

Work from Mobile at Gallery Context

Two days after returning home from the EDGE Program, Zalman Berkowitz of Seattle Design Center's Gallery Context procured a show for myself and fellow 2012 EDGE graduates, which is currently on view. The gallery is open Monday - Friday from 9 - 5 PM, or by appointment. An artist reception will be held on September 28th from 6 - 9 PM. Gallery Context is located inside the Seattle Design Center at 5701 Sixth Avenue, Suite 262. I have six works from Mobile in the show.


NEPO 5K Don't Run

I had an amazing time participating in NEPO House's 5K Don't Run art marathon this past Saturday. Klara Glosgova, Sierra Stinson and Zach Bent curated this fabulous event that included art installations, performance pieces, and interactive works in a route spanning from Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood to the International District. I projected images from my newest series, Bombay Beach, in a one-car garage. Participants came into the installation twelve at a time to view work, then scanned QR codes outside  that linked to websites that related to the work, giving the history of places like Salvation Mountain, Slab City, and Bombay Beach so that viewers had more context with which to view the work. 

Photo of my NEPO 5K Installation by Dan Bennett

Photo of my NEPO 5K Installation by Dan Bennett

Participant scanning QR Codes

Participant scanning QR Codes

This year's 5K included the work of 48 artists, and drew 700 people. The 5K ended at the finish line with the Drink or Don't Drink beer garden complete with a the lederhosen-clad Bavarian Village Band, a creperie food truck, and a beautiful golden sunset. What a way to spend one last summer Saturday. Thank you, NEPO!

EDGE Program & Show at Gallery Context

I spent the last week of August doing the opposite of my usual late-Summer routine (sunny vacation spent on some body of water reading books with my feet in the sand). Instead, I drove to Port Townsend and spent eight days indoors with Artist Trust's EDGE program. During the week, I learned an incredible amount on how to be a more business-minded artist, from finding the right studio insurance to understanding copyright infringement laws. My week out of the sun was invaluable to me, and has already helped me set the pace for what will be an incredibly productive fall.  I am so grateful to Artist Trust for creating such wonderful program to benefit Washington State Artists.


Ruby Project Beginnings

On June 16th, I began teaching the much-anticipated Ruby Project at Photographic Center Northwest alongside John Blalock, Children's Hospital's Artist in Residence. This program was inspired by the work of Ruby Smith, an 18-year old Seattle native who created a beautiful series of black and white photographs showing the world how she experienced life with cancer. Ruby passed away on May 30th as her first solo-show was hung at 4Culture Gallery. Two weeks later, we began The Ruby Project, teaching black and white photography to nine young adults between the ages of 17 and 22, all of whom are cancer survivors or are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Each student has been given a 35mm camera, black and white film, and the opportunity to tell their stories through photography while developing a community of fellow young adult cancer survivors. The result has been phenomenal, with a group of students that amaze me by the beautiful work they produce and wonderful creative energy they bring to class.

Here is a selection of student work from our first four weeks of the project, which will culminate with a final show at Photographic Center Northwest.

Taylor Bethards

Porter Sale

Ryanne Fender

Connor Bowman

Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham

Ian Sanquist

Click here to support The Ruby Project 

Club Photo Studio Day

These are my amazing students learning to work in the studio (while in costume, no less!) More info on my program and the work these teens do here.

Join us at Photo Center Northwest for their end of the year show on June 14th from 5-7 PM.

Richard Renaldi Workshop

I was lucky enough to take a two-day workshop on photographing strangers with a favorite photographer of mine over the weekend. Richard Renaldi makes luscious large format portraits of strangers whom he encounters at parks, highway rest stops, and bus stations throughout the country. His work has been a longtime inspiration of mine, and I am thrilled to have gained knowledge of his shooting style. These are the images I made during our workshop in Cal Anderson Park. Three of these were made with my Wista 4x5 view camera, and the last image was made on Richard's beautiful 8x10 camera.

Charlotte as a Sailor Moon character

Aurora as a Powerpuff Girl

El Mano