Ruby Project Beginnings

On June 16th, I began teaching the much-anticipated Ruby Project at Photographic Center Northwest alongside John Blalock, Children's Hospital's Artist in Residence. This program was inspired by the work of Ruby Smith, an 18-year old Seattle native who created a beautiful series of black and white photographs showing the world how she experienced life with cancer. Ruby passed away on May 30th as her first solo-show was hung at 4Culture Gallery. Two weeks later, we began The Ruby Project, teaching black and white photography to nine young adults between the ages of 17 and 22, all of whom are cancer survivors or are currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Each student has been given a 35mm camera, black and white film, and the opportunity to tell their stories through photography while developing a community of fellow young adult cancer survivors. The result has been phenomenal, with a group of students that amaze me by the beautiful work they produce and wonderful creative energy they bring to class.

Here is a selection of student work from our first four weeks of the project, which will culminate with a final show at Photographic Center Northwest.

Taylor Bethards

Porter Sale

Ryanne Fender

Connor Bowman

Mary-Elizabeth Sierra Lanham

Ian Sanquist

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