NEPO 5K Recap

The NEPO 5K was a great success, attracting hundreds of visitors from age zero to approximately age 80. The littlest among them were either repulsed or fascinated by the dead fish, picking them up and throwing them around, or plugging their noses in disgust. My highlight of the day was when a Chinese woman walked by without taking notice of the installation, picked up the dead fish pictured below and stuck it in her purse. I hope her dinner was particularly good that night. 

Kari Champoux took some gorgeous photographs of my Salton Seattle installation:

The sidewalk was littered with dead fish to represent the dramatic fish die off on the Salton Sea. 

Bob at Salvation Mountain mounted onto the wall above the install site. More on Salvation Mountain here.

TV & Sea inspired me to shoot an old television set and place it in the installation, as the shore of the Salton Sea is littered with broken tv's.

Salton Seattle visitor reading about the project.

Photographing NEPO's best dressed groom and groom in front of the installation.

A big thank you goes out to Klara Glosova, Zack Bent, and Sierra Stinson for creating this imaginative event. More images taken by Nica Horvitz, Mack Fisher, Katie Seward and myself are viewable here