This content was created for the temporal online exhibition space Violet Strays. The work was shown on the site for fourteen consecutive days with a new post added each day. At the end of its fourteen day run it was permanently deleted from the web, much like a physical exhibition being de-installed. While making these pictures, I also conducted interviews with portrait subjects and gathered artifacts from the Salton Sea. I later scanned these artifacts and scoured YouTube for content from the area. This media was paired with my photographs, allowing viewers further access into this otherworldly environment. Below is a recreation of the Violet Strays show. 

Please turn your volume on, and click on each video and sound bite to fully experience the show. 

April 25th, Day One:


April 26th, Day Two:


April 27th, Day Three:

April 28th, Day Four:


April 29th, Day Five:


Lord of the Desert, an artifact from the Salton Sea.

April 30th, Day Six:


May 1st, Day Seven:

May 2nd, Day Eight

May 3rd, Day Nine:

May 3rd, Day Ten:

May 5th, Day Eleven:


May 5th, Day Twelve: