Arboreal, defined as “living in trees,” is a body of work comprised of photographs taken in Los Angeles parks, primarily Elysian Park. These images present a survey of trees inhabiting a mangled urban landscape that looks something like wilderness. The photographs are formal studies, primarily concerned with texture, dimension, depth, and division of space. Light wraps itself around objects contained by carefully constructed frames. Within the frame, location, scale and time are brought into question. There is a tension between beautiful, formal landscape and frequent interruptions of everyday objects - sewer drains, concrete pathways, trash - reminders of the sprawling city below. This juxtaposition is mirrored in the construction of the images themselves: amidst the density of intersecting forms and vistas, a suggestion of infinity invites the viewer to look further while questioning what is beautiful in the contemporary landscape. These photographs were taken with a 4x5 view camera primarily in Elysian Park. Human presence remains subtly traceable in the details: man-made objects scattered amidst brush, alterations to the landscape, and a feeling of searching and belonging to hidden spaces.